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Super Paragliding Testival 2011 in Kössen Austria

Type of event: paragliding paragliding
When:02. 06. 2011 - 05. 06. 2011
Where: Kössen

The members of the PMA provide their products free of costs to pilots for test flying. Instead of having several individual, time and money consuming test camps spread all over the world, all manufacturers offer their products at the beginning of the European flying season central in Europe in Kössen with its ideal infrastructure. For pilots keen to test several brands and to compare on site, this creates cheaper and timesaving possibilities to do so.
For this purpose the flying site in Kössen is ideal:
The flying site has a perfect infrastructure
The flying school Kössen GmbH can guarantee an ideal neutral stage for all participating brands to present their products equally
The north facing mountain slope is known for a soft convergence and mild thermals
It is also known as a most popular and safe flying site
It has a large landing field (3 ha) with a "Fliegerbar"
It is probably the flying site with the most flyable days per year in the Northern Alps and with the probaly highest flying frequency in the world (5.600 safe flights during SPT 2009)
4 days seem to be a long enough period to allow all pilots to intensively test all products they want to test.


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