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This web provides to users useful instrument to share an information about future events. The other advantage is a list of links to foreign aeroclubs and national association of microligt and paramotor flying.
We hope, that you will find basic information to plane your trip to fly.

Each user can freely add by form the information about events. That event will be displayed with immediate effect of promotion. No administrator re-write.

There are different filters in header or pre-set links in footnote to make the usage so easy.
Registrated user has advantage of editation or modification his events.
Registration and presentmet of events are free.


How you can add the event

The user fill in all marked and optional field in the form to describe the event. It is reccomended to inform potential visitors about rules, camping, entry fees e.g. 

The user add his email contact, web or phone, one main picture and exact location on google map. The picture will be automatically resampled to proper dimensions.

Link to the Google map has special field. If the user will find his location on maps.google.com website, there are link in the right upper corner (chain symbol). The user can click on it, copy first line (the link for email) and paste it into form field.

When the user save his event, he can check, if all information will be displayed correctly, otherwise he can repare it. 




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