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2nd Himalayan Paramotor Yatra

Type of event: paramotors paramotors
When:07. 12. 2012 - 17. 12. 2012
Where: Yatra, Nepal

After the overwhelming success of the first ever Himalayan Paramotor Yatra 2011, Avia Club Nepal is back in 2012. The 2nd Himalayan Paramotor Yatra in December has newer routes for more exciting and adventurous cross country flying, a bit of competition, and loads of fun. “Yatra” means Journey in Sanskrit.

The event guarantees all aviation sports aficionados with the ultimate experience of flying in the world’s most dramatic terrain: from tropical lowlands to some of the highest mountains in the planet. The event is a participant of the FAI’s World League Cup and pilots can choose to compete in some or all of the tasks. The total flying distance for cross-country will be 219 km with a total flying time of 23.5 hours.

Nepal is blessed with the most stunning landscape found nowhere else in the world. The blend of natural diversity, vertical terrain and a hospitable people make it the ideal adventure destination. December is also the most favourable month for paramotor fliers with a daily temperature from 5-18 Celsius and mild wind. It is the perfect setting for precision tasks and great cross-country flying with a round-trip distance of nearly 500 km.

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