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4th Annual Indy Air Hogs

Type of event: paramotors paramotors, others others
When:18. 08. 2011 - 21. 08. 2011
Where: 2527 S Lake Rd S, Scottsburg, IN 47170
Contact:bgo_1999@yahoo.com or call 317-356-7664

Fun in the Summer with a half-mile of manicured grass runway. One thing, because it's an airport, please do not arrive before the 18th so we don't get hit by crop-dusters. If you are coming from different parts of the country, please be aware that this is a very warm season in the Midwest. Most evening flights will be in your underwear... if that.

It's a party with a fly-in attached.

You've got questions, Brandon Oberlin's got answers:
bgo_1999@yahoo.com or call 317-356-7664


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