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7th "Cup Evdokimtsevo!"

Type of event: paramotors paramotors
When:21. 09. 2012 - 23. 09. 2012
Where: Petushki

Head of the Department of Culture, Sport, Youth and Child with the administration Petushki district approved "Regulations ..." of the cup and "Program ..." its implementation, as well as promised all possible assistance in the organization of the competition.

This year, our competition will be "mastered" quite a large sports and entertainment.

Competitions will be held:
In the individual competitions - (if registered 4 or more participants in the class) and command relay (if registered 3 or more teams).
On the top version, the classes PF1, PL1 and team relay.
According to the "simplified" version, in classes PF1, PL1 and Aerochute.

In brief, the main points are as follows:
Competitions will be held September 21-23 (reserved for the weather, 28-30 September).
The entry fee for participants are: In the top version - 2000 p., In Ex. version - 1500 r. In the team relay race fees are charged.
Entry and m territory paradroma whose driver does not participate in the competition and is paid - 500 p with cars. Entry to the paradroma - free, for everyone.
Field, for the duration of the competition will be provided with drinking water, firewood, toilets. All the participants will be presented with a souvenir souvenirs. On Friday - the day of arrival, we will treat all of our signature dish - "soup from Petrovich." On Saturday and Sunday on the field will be working on-site version of one of the cafes. In his spare time, competitive program will be held fun contests with prizes to winners.
On Saturday, after the competitive program will commit collective circled our city all athletes and guests who came to us with a flying technique.
In the period of the competition will be held on paradrome show-exhibition equipment and paramotor wing domestic and import manufacturers.
Our club claimed a guaranteed prize pool of the tournament in the amount of 83,000 rubles, which will be distributed as follows:
The winners in the top versions receive 20 000r
Silver medalists at 10,000 p
Bronze medalists at 5000 r.
The pilots, who took fourth place in the 2000 p.
Winners simplified versions, including class Aerochute, will receive 3000 p
Participants of the top version, wished to fly off and simplified in its class, can act only out of the competition. In this case, the amount of the entry fee for them, will be only 50% of the declared.
Work with potential sponsors is just beginning and will continue until the beginning of registration, August 1, and we hope that the prize money will be significantly increased, both by cash and by material prizes!
(Potential sponsors do not hesitate - write, call.)
NOTE: Registration for this year will be only preliminary and will be implemented in the period from 1 to 31 August.
We are confident that this time, our tournament will gather best squad of athletes, so those hoping to win the class, you can start training already from tomorrow!
With the appearance of any reliable information available to the forthcoming tournament in September, it will be immediately released to the topic, is only able to report that at the moment a preliminary application for the tournament have already given two upscale European teams, and if all the "srastetsya" , the "KE" FIRST INTERNATIONAL will!


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