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Polish Open Paramotor Championships 2011 European League Cup 2011

Type of event: paramotors paramotors
When:28. 05. 2011 - 04. 06. 2011
Where: Masłów airfield (near Kielce)

Polish Open Paramotor Championships 2011
European League Cup 2011

Masłów airfield (near Kielce), Poland

28th May – 4th June 2011

Organisers :
Kielce Aeroclub, Aeroclub of Poland, Kielce Airfield Ltd.

Location: 050o53'48.55''N 020o43'53.62''E Airport frequency: 122,2 MHz "Masłów Radio"

Deck frequency: 122,2 MHz "Masłów Kwadrat"

Concrete/asphalt runway 900 m x 30 m.

Heading 110 and 290 degrees. Both runway and approach are lit.

Basic landing heading is 290 deg, with 110 deg serving as additional

Grass runway 900 x 200 m, 110 and 290 degrees.

Take-off and landing can be performed with 290/110 heading only.

Night landing with use of runway/taxiway lighting possibile on arrangement with Kielce Aeroclub.

Organisational informations:

This year's Polish Championships for the first time will be counted as one of the European Cup meetings.


May 28-30 th.
- arrival of the competitors
- training (area reconnoitering)

May 30th - June 3rd
- tasks

June 4th
- closing ceremony
- champions’ display
- public open day at the airfield

Conditions of participation:

Competition is open for any pilot holding valid paramotor licence as required by his/her NAA (National Aviation Authority).Additionally, in order to score points in the competition a valid FAI sporting licence is necessary.
Those who do not have such a licence will be allowed to fly tasks, however they won’t be mentioned in the

Entry fee:

The organiser will be charging entry fee of 200 zł ( 50 euro ) per aircraft. Paid in cash during registretion, or with bank payment to the Kielce Aeroclub account:

Bank Spółdzielczy Kielce 23 8493 0004 0000 0057 3025 0001

Entry fee covers:
Hangar for the equipment storage, maps of the area, medals and cups for the winners, participation diplomas.

Equipment requirements:

Minimum airtime with one tank 3 hrs (some 100 km route).

Compulsory rescue system (parachute). GPS logger (some available for rent). Standard GPS receivers with track recording are allowed too.


Competition will be held in four classes
PF1 – powered paraglider solo
PF2 – powered paraglider dual
PL1 – powered paraglider trike solo
PL2 – powered paraglider trike dualDuring competitions two separate classifications will be scored:

1. Polish Open Championships

2. European League Cup

3. The winner of the European League Cup scoring will be honoured with the title of International Polish Champion.

Tasks will be organized according to the FAI tasks catalogue. European League Cup results will be forwarded to the CIMA in accordance with ELC rules.

Within 10 km radius of the airfield there is a number of hotels and agrotouristic farms.

For instance, the Ameliówka Hotel ** www.ameliowka.pl charges 60zł (15E) per person in a double room. In the agrotouristic business typical price is 150 zł (~38E) per a four-place camping house, e.g.:
- Agroturystyka Dorota Michta - Ciekoty 27 - tel. 413112265, kom. 694676336,
- Agroturystyka Leszek Trębacz- Ciekoty 196- tel. 413112264, kom. 601470309,

We cordially invite all pilots.
Organising committee.MP 2011 EC 2011 ( PPG / PPGG)

Name and family name:
Telephone number:
E- mail address:
Pilot licence (or equivalent document ) number:

As the signer of this document I am aware that according to Polish civil aviation regulations I bear full legal responsibility of all decisions in flight done between 28.05 and 6.06 2011, including any claims or damages caused. I agree that no flight is mandatory and all flights are done on my own responsibility, and I am aware that my decision of not flying can affect my placement in the competition. During the competition I will be using a technically fit paraglider and motor, covered by valid thirdparty insurance. Hereby I agree to abide by the rules of competition and I confirm that the organiser supplied me with all materials necessary to take part in this competition.
According to the rules of the competition, all responsibility for the flights absolved is borne solely by the pilot.

Datum and signature:
Application form should be sent to: biuro@lotniskokielce.pl


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