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PXP Paramotor Speed Race 2012

Type of event: paramotors paramotors
When:11. 10. 2012 - 14. 10. 2012
Where: Granada

The most amazing PPG competition.

More then 15000 Euro rewards!!!

Our philosophy is to make a simple race, without many setbacks for the pilot, based on the pleasure of flying, where the pilot has time to take off, not being nervous, no stress, a wide window with a clear objective race, with an outlet defined and the same time for all pilots, marked with beacons, being able to use the GPS, mobile phone and all the possible technologies for the pilot to have all the possibilities.

Our race is a test of speed. It's about doing different rounds of different mileages and difficulties, different routes well marked with beacons, starting and finishing at the same airfield (if weather permits). There will be good access for picking up, if a pilot decided to leave the race by engine problems or other causes.

We'll consider the possibility of trying to beat the world speed record in the form triangle 25, 50 and 100 km. The whole design of this race is based on, take off our airfield around Baza and reach or turn around other airfields in the area, either for refueling or safety.

THE RACE WE'LL BE GOVERNED BY THE "FAI" RULES (International Aeronautical Federation).


1- Only we'll be allowed to take off in class SOLO - 1 PERSON X PARAMOTOR or PARATRIKE. Not allowed tandem.

2- We have 3 CATEGORIES: 1-MAXIMUN LEVEL OF PARAMOTOR / 2- MEDIUN LEVEL OF PARAMOTOR / 3 - PARATRIKE. All the categories have different Awards.

3- Do not allow a lot of settings Powerfull Paramotor Engines with a PARAGLIDERS with little or few square meters, we want maximum safety for pilots and likewise approach the maximum similarity with regularly scheduled flights or within the normal weight or approvals, therefore the determination is that the glider must be approved in category PARAMOTOR and the pilot with his entire team will have to adjust the maximum weight of this approval, we will weight all the pilots before the race, and if Paragliding is FREE FLIGHT, the maximum Homologation weight is to multiply X 6 and divide / 8 by the maximum weight or manufacturer's approval.

4- No distinction between sexes, both men and women have access to the same conditions and prizes.

5- The maximum of fuel is limited to 18 liters.

6- Will be allowed refueling at the pilot convenience. Won't be allowed to refuel in air - flight or other means than on the ground and the paramotor stopped. The pilot can land freely to choose their appropriate refueling.

7- GPS may be used and all electronic devices that the pilot sees fit.

8- The pilot have to carry Mobile Phone and VHF or 2 meters Transmitter in contact with the Organization frequency 146,485.

9- Mandatory Emergency Parachute.

10- Mandatory Helmet with Radio.

11 - Mandatory Insurance Federation or other Insurance Company covering the Pilot, which has a minimum of € 150,000 of liability insurance.

12 - Always use the same Paragliding is not allowed to change Paragliding in different size or model you can change that if x paragliding the same model and size.

13 - Always the pilot flew the same PPG - PARAMOTOR, if you make a change by opening of the PPG-PARAMOTOR will always be the same model or one of inferior capacity-cilinder. Is not possible to change Paramotor in a test-task in progress, you can change for future tasks Paramotor after, with the consent and approval of the committee Pilots & Organization.



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